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The Boardwalk Restaurant Review

Restaurant Reviews Outside London
01/08/2013 forksupcom 0

With its stunning sea views, warm, friendly atmosphere and unfussy bistro style food, The Boardwalk Restaurant & Bar has long been a favourite dinner venue for me and my dining partner on our occasional trips […]

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Village East Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
03/06/2012 forksupcom 0

Village East is one of the many young, cool restaurants and bars that have sprung up on Bermondsey Street over the past few years, and the first to feature in one of my restaurant reviews. […]

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Hubbub Cafe Bar & Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
04/17/2012 forksupcom 0

Tucked away in a corner of the Isle of Dogs that not many people would ever have occasion to visit is a delightful little place called Hubbub Cafe Bar and Restaurant. Housed in the upstairs […]

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The Garrison Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
07/09/2012 forksupcom 1

With its prime location on the increasingly hip and happening Bermondsey Street, The Garrison’s reputation precedes it. Booking is essential, and when you’re phoning to request a table the 2 hour turnaround time is strongly […]

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Thirty Six Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
05/21/2013 forksupcom 0

Hidden away on a quiet side street bordering Green Park, you wouldn’t be likely to just stumble across Dukes Hotel, or its rather smart restaurant, Thirty Six by Nigel Mendham. I discovered it when searching […]

Welcome to Forks-Up!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Sara, a 30-something lawyer and something of a foodie. I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to write. Blogging restaurant and recipe reviews at Forks-Up is a way for me to combine those things and – hopefully – inform and entertain you, the reader, at the same time.

I am an omnivore and a relatively unfussy eater, though I do confess to having a slight allergy to kiwi-fruit and monosodium glutamate, and an intense dislike of leeks, anchovies and marmite. These will, naturally, influence my menu choices – but otherwise I’d say I’m pretty much open to trying anything.

When I eat out, I don’t do it alone, so I should also introduce my most regular dining partners:

  • H is my husband. A total omnivore but, as a South African, he does have a bit of a penchant for meaty meals.
  • T is a friend from my university days. She’s vegetarian and is rather a fan of fine dining.
  • L is another university friend. Save for a gluten intolerance, she’s an omnivore, though she doesn’t tend to go for desserts very muR is a friend from primary school. She’s an omnivore, but H and I often eat out together with her and her husband, W, a pescatarian.
  • HR is probably my oldest friend. She has a nut allergy, and her husband, O, is seriously allergic to both eggs and fish, which makes him a bit of a nervous diner.
  • M is my sister. She has Crohn’s disease so eats a very restricted diet (most significantly, she must avoid dairy, garlic and onions, but there’s a long list of other off-limits items). She lives up North, so we don’t dine out together all that much, but when she comes to visit she’s a willing guinea-pig for my attempts at dairy-free cooking.