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Verru Restaurant Review

London Light Bite Lunch Reviews
08/07/2012 forksupcom 0

Shopping on London’s Oxford Street is a draining experience at the best of times, and the area’s restaurants and cafes tend to be either identikit chains or absolutely packed (or both) so finding an independent, […]

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Brasa Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
04/23/2013 forksupcom 0

Across London, private members’ bars seem to be springing up everywhere you look. While the bars themselves are generally reserved for members and their guests, the attached restaurants are often open to all. One such […]

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Hot Pink Grill Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
02/11/2014 forksupcom 0

Combining eating healthily with eating out can often prove pretty tricky, with the one “light option” on an otherwise decadent menu sounding about as appealing as a cardboard salad, so it’s always refreshing to find […]

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Iyara Thai Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
04/09/2013 forksupcom 0

I first visited Iyara Thai Restaurant a few weeks ago with a friend who lives locally. She had never been, but had heard good things about it, so we decided to make it the venue […]

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Tas Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
05/29/2012 forksupcom 0

Here at Forks-Up, we generally aim to feature only independent restaurants in our restaurant reviews. After all, a Pizza Express pizza is a Pizza Express pizza, whether you’re in the City or the suburbs, the […]

Forks-Up is created by a bunch of professional Londoners. Some of us have restaurant industry experience and some of us writing experience, we thus thought that a combination of the two would mean that we could write interesting and useful articles for people living in (or those visiting) London in order to aid their decisions on where to eat.

The creators of Forks-Up grew tired of reading articles created by review sites which were bias towards those restaurants which treated them better because of who they were and ignoring those restaurants who didn’t fall within their “clique”. We thought this infringes their ability to be objective and write from a regular customer’s experience because they weren’t regular customers.

Whilst visiting a restaurant once cannot be a good judge of what you would experience every time you visit it. We try to understand, with our industry experience, whether it might just have been an extraordinarily busy night, whether they may currently have staffing problems or if they have bad habits which would find its way into any service that they ran.

Those of our team who have industry experience, have been out of it long enough to not have a recognisable association with it, and thus aren’t recognised on our visits. With their keen knowledge of the particular details of the finer points of service and quality, we are able to write valuable articles for the everyday diner.

We don’t only visit Michelin Star restaurants; we visit everyday restaurants as well. We try to write reviews on as many types of cuisines as possible. If there are any restaurants that you think we really have to visit sometime soon, please do let us know at