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The White Swan Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
06/04/2013 forksupcom 0

At first glance, The White Swan looks a lot like your average City boozer, albeit a nicely decked out one with its impressively wide, old-fashioned brass-topped bar, and it is full to the gills of […]

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Cah Chi Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
10/30/2012 forksupcom 0

With its cheerful green frontage, Cah-Chi looks from the outside like it might (as is the case with many moderately priced Asian restaurants) have a bit of a canteen-y feel to it. Stepping inside, however, […]

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The Garrison Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
07/09/2012 forksupcom 1

With its prime location on the increasingly hip and happening Bermondsey Street, The Garrison’s reputation precedes it. Booking is essential, and when you’re phoning to request a table the 2 hour turnaround time is strongly […]

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Village East Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
03/06/2012 forksupcom 0

Village East is one of the many young, cool restaurants and bars that have sprung up on Bermondsey Street over the past few years, and the first to feature in one of my restaurant reviews. […]

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Vanilla Black Restaurant Review

London Restaurant Reviews
03/25/2014 forksupcom 0

Set lunch menus are often a great way to experience London’s fine dining establishments for a fraction of the price of an à la carte dinner, but many of the best deals are only available […]

How do Forks-Up determine a restaurant’s “Forks-Up” Rating?

We’ll rate the restaurants we review, taking into account everything from ambience to flavour, from service to the wine list, from variety to value for money. We’ll score each restaurant by putting our “Forks-Up” for them: one Fork-Up is pretty unimpressive; five Forks-Up is downright brilliant.

– One Forks-Up, Un-impressive


– Two Forks-Up, Not a recommended restaurant.


– Three Forks-Up, Decent value for money, however there’s room for improvement.


– Four Forks-Up, A very good restaurant and one that would recommend you try out some time.


– Five Forks-Up, It doesn’t have to have a Michelin Star to get Five Forks-Up, but we’d strongly advise Michelin to come visit them! They’ve got everything from ambience and great food to perfect service.


We also assign Half Forks-Up where we can’t decide exactly where the reviewed restaurant ranks.