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*Formerly Fyre Steak and Wine Ca

I ended up visiting Fyre on a whim one Wednesday evening on my way home when I decided I didn’t really feel like cooking dinner. And I was so impressed that I just had to pen a restaurant review. A small, local steak restaurant in Earlsfield, Fyre is a proudly South African eatery, with a menu featuring such treats as boerewors and biltong, and a good selection of affordable SA wines, both by the glass and by the bottle. (We each enjoyed a small glass of the Backsberg dry red NV – easy drinking and fruity but not too sweet). The atmosphere is relaxed, with soft, jazz music in the background making conversation easy. The staff are friendly and keen to help (refreshing our carafe of tap water without us needing to ask), but they don’t hover. And even midweek, the restaurant is buzzing.

Fyre Surf and Turf

From the quality of the food, it’s easy to see why. I had the “surf ‘n’ turf” – a 7oz fillet steak served with 5 tiger prawns. The kitchen is happy to cook your steak however you want it, but the menu recommends medium rare, so that is what I went for. And it was simply beautiful. The outside of the meat was deliciously charred so you could really taste the grill, and the middle was still a deep pink colour. The taste was incredible and the texture was melt in the mouth. Quite simply, this was steak heaven – fillet as it is meant to be. The prawns were a treat – fresh and juicy and cooked in a light garlic butter. My dining partner, a South African, had the “mixed grill” – also a 7oz fillet steak, but served with a boerewors sausage which, my dining partner delightedly informed me, tasted just like they do back home.

Like all of Fyre’s steaks, mine came served with a dressed green salad, which was a lovely addition. The leaves were mostly spinach, with not a watery piece of iceberg in sight, and the dressing was a delicate honey mustard which really complemented the rest of the meal. Other sides had to be ordered separately, but portions were generous – one bowl of double cooked chips was more than enough for me and my dining partner to share. And they too were delicious – slightly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, and not at all greasy.

We were pretty full after our mains, but couldn’t resist sharing the baked cheesecake for dessert. It was prettily presented, drizzled with mango coulis and topped with a single raspberry. More importantly though, it tasted divine – one of the smoothest, creamiest cheese cakes I have ever eaten, and with a good biscuit base that still retained a hint of crunch. The mango coulis was just the right level of sweetness and cut through the rich creaminess perfectly.

Fyre CheesecakeFyre can’t be faulted on value either. Our bill came in at under £30 per head including service – and while it would be possible to spend more (by having starters, a dessert each instead of to share, and finishing with coffee, for example), there is certainly no need to in order to eat your fill.

In sum, everything about this restaurant was fantastic, thoroughly deserving of a full five Forks-Up. As my dining partner said as we were leaving, “Can’t we do this every week?”

Fyre Steak and Wine Café
585 Garratt Lane
SW18 4ST
0208 944 9602

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  1. Absolutely wonderful. Food looks good. So happy for you . You really deserve it. Love Harry,s mother.

    • Indeed they do deserve it, a wonderful restaurant with great service and food. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Well if I lived in London, I would definitely go to this place after that review. Sounds like just the right amount of relaxed fine dinning!

    Well done.

    • Thanks Ross, you should definitely come visit London sometime then to try out our amazing restaurants.

  3. Great post. I am constantly hanging out on this place and I am impressed! Extremely useful information especially the last part

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