Welcome to Forks-Up

Five Forks-Up

Welcome to Forks-Up.

The Fillet Hamburger at d'Arry Camebridge

You are one of our first visitors! Our aim at Forks-Up is to write objective reviews of restaurants around London.

What’s the difference between us and all those other restaurant reviewers, you ask? Well, we have no vested interest in praising restaurants who recognise us or give us better deals than they offer to regular customers. Why is this? It’s because we are just regular customers – average diners who get no special treatment. (Unless special treatment is something the restaurant we’re reviewing offers as standard)!

We’ll be writing and publishing good, honest reviews that the average diner can relate to. We’ll also be analysing the tantalising treats we try on a deeper level than you might find in your average restaurant review, to attempt to explain why we think the dishes worked, or what could have been done differently. We’ll rate the restaurants we review, taking into account everything from ambience to flavour, from service to the wine list, from variety to value for money. We’ll score each restaurant by putting our “Forks-Up” for them: one Fork-Up is pretty unimpressive; five Forks-Up is downright brilliant; and then there’s everything in between.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading us – look out for our reviews of Awana, d’Arrys and L’Atelier, coming soon!

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